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IELTS: The first step towards your settling in the U.K

IELTS training:
The classes are online based. The class will run for one month, twice per week and four hours per session.
Upon making the payment, a tutor will communicate where he’ll give you the timetable.
The classes will start with a premock to help the tutor identify your weaknesses and strengths. During the training, the tutor will work on your weaknesses.
A mock will be given at the end of the training to gauge your readiness for the main exam. Once you pass your IELTS mock, the office will book the main exam for you once you choose your preferred date.

Required band score for IELTS.

Listening 7
Writing. 6.5
Reading 7
Speaking 7
Overall score 7

NMC registration:

In the process of CBT training, we will open an account with NMC where you will need the following to open an account:
✅Birth Certificate
✅Nursing License
✅Nursing Certificate

CBT training

CBT(Competency based test for nurses)
Passmark 68%
It comprises of 120 MCQS.

The training will take two weeks where a 100 questions will be sent daily at 6:00am EAT and the answers must be submitted by 8:00pm EAT.
The trainer will send the answers of the 100 questions at the end of each day.
CBT mock will be done at the end of the 10 days of CBT training.

The client is also supposed to go to NCK

for documents verification with the following documents:

✅Nursing Licence
✅Nursing Certificate
✅Training institution Certificate
✅Identification Card
✅Good Conduct Certificate.
✅Declaration of good health (Signed and stamped by M.O)
✅Recommendation letter( By your referee and stamped).
They’ll upload the documents to NMC portal.
After 14 days, NMC will give the client a go ahead to take the CBT exam via email.

Training institution verification:
Your training institution will receive a link from NMC to verify your documents and so as soon as you go to NCK, you are supposed to visit the school and let them know they’ll receive an email. Some schools will charge and others it will be free of charge.

Interview preparation:
This will be offered for free to our clients so that they can be familiar with the questions asked by the employer.

CV alignment:
This will be offered free of charge for all our clients.

IELTS Coaching Benifits

Costs involved.

IELTS(International English Language Testing System) training………..Ksh 12,000

IELTS exam cost…..Ksh 27,670

CBT(Computer based Test) exam……Ksh 13000

UK’s NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) registration…… Ksh. 21000

NCK( Nursing Council of Kenya) verification…….. Ksh. 12000

Verification of IELTS and CBT exam results by NMC……Ksh. 20000
TB( Tuberculosis) test…….Ksh. 14000( Done at IOM Center in Gigiri, Nairobi).

This is a stepwise process and if you follow it’s course,you will not be financially strained because you can be able to budget per month for each step.What I mean is that you do not need all this money at once.

NB…ACS does not charge agency fees as we will get our pay once you are in the UK from your employer for recruiting you!
Also to mention that our main office is located at London. This means that the nurse will be fully supported upon relocation.

After passing the the two exam and submitting your documents to the NMC,you will get a decision letter.

At this point,we will organise a job interview with a potential employer who will interview you via Skype.

After passing the interview,the employer gives you certificate of sponsorship which is used for your visa purposes.
At this point you will get your visa for 🇬🇧.

Your employer will cater for your visa fees,air ticket,airport pick up and accommodation upto 3 months.

Your employer will also refund Costs for IELTS an CBT once you arrive in UK.
Some employers will also give £500 up-front pay which you will use to do some shopping once you are in the UK.

You will start working immediately you are in the UK but under a qualified nurse.Within the First 3 months your employer will give you intensified training for OSCE(objective structured Clinical exam) which will be undertaken in one of the universities

After passing OSCE,you will become a pinned nurse and your salary scale will increased and then you will practice independently.

If you left your family back in Kenya ,at this point,you will start planning on how they will join you.

You will be able to look for a spacious accommodation and a School for your children(NB :No school fees for the British government Schools)

At this point, you are settled in England 🇬🇧.